Stronghold Renovations

Event Date: 03/06/2023

As of April 3rd 2023, CCC Stronghold is now under renovations. Projected completion is Nov 2023.

No access to facility during the renovations. See you soon. Thank you.


We are excited to  announce some pretty big renovations upcoming at the Stronghold.

All route and bouldering walls, the front desk and retail area, and parts of the basement will be renovated to improve functionality, flow and aesthetics. Our goal is to offer an updated experience at the Stronghold; with improved sightlines, better climbing and bouldering terrain, improved lighting, a cafe space, and a larger training area, while intending to honour the history of our downtown location.

All existing programs will run up until the end of March.

The renovations will take place between April 3rd and November 15th, 2023. During these renovations, there will be no access to the Stronghold gym.

All Memberships (any single facility members, pre-paid or paid monthly) will be transferred to the Hanger for this period. If you prefer another facility or to make another change to your membership, please complete a request through this link:

So, What’s next?

Stay tuned for more information and visuals throughout the renovation. I look forward to sharing details through social media as we go and look forward to seeing you back at the Stronghold before the end of 2023.