Work At CCC

The Calgary Climbing Centre prides itself on providing an unrivaled experience for all levels of climbers. We achieve this with a team of motivated, friendly and inspiring staff that help climbers on their journey through this amazing sport.  

We’ve climbed a long way in the past 20 years and as we embark on the next 20 years we need the best team possible to help us lead the way in cultivating an even greater, more inclusive climbing community.

If you would like to join our team and don’t see a relevant job opening, send us your resume along with a note about what interests you and why you want to work at the CCC, or better yet, stop by at any of our locations. Click here to find contact information for each location.

Apply with a resume and CCC application form to the emails below:


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Title Description Location
Front Desk

Working at the CCC is more than just climbing for free and getting to see all the new routes before everyone else. Our staff are our most active members and the core of our organization; without whom we would not be able to provide such an excellent climbing experience to everyone who walks through our doors.  

With great power comes great responsibility, and we make no jokes about what we expect from our staff members. Prior to applying you should be confident in your ability tconsistently deliver on the following 10 attributes:  

  • Safety 
  • Professionalism 
  • Passion for climbing 
  • Friendly and Approachable 
  • Customer Service Attitude 
  • Punctuality 
  • Smiling 
  • Coachability 
  • Strong work ethic 
  • Going above and beyond 

Our team is fast paced and high energy, we expect all staff to come in with the ability to learn on the go and adapt to changing environments. Staff will be expected to read and write clearly and concisely – so work on that penmanship!  

We have high expectations for customer service: a smile and a warm greeting is the bare minimum when it comes to work behind the Front Desk. Our ideal candidate would be outgoing, friendly and approachable, and able to make novice and experienced climbers alike feel welcome in our facility. The ability to talk to new people comes in handy, as a face behind the desk people will come to you often for beta and feedback.  

All CCC staff should feel pride in their workspace and facility and play a large role in keeping the area clean and tidy for all who share the space to enjoy.  

With our high expectations, we feel our team deserves to be rewarded for their commitment and hard work. CCC staff are eligible for many perksincluding:  

  • Unlimited access to all CCC Facilities 
  • Plus one membership for your best climbing buddy to climb for free with you 
  • Flexible schedule (including priority for time off for climbing trips) 
  • Bonus Program 
  • Discounts on all gear from our Approach Shop 
  • Pro Deals from our retailers 
  • Access to free or discounted climbing programs (including outdoor courses)

Chinook, Hanger, Rocky Mountain, Stronghold
Approach Café

Please send resume directly to:

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team with opening our CCC Approach Café!


  • Prior kitchen experience and food service is an asset.
  • Understanding of the Calgary Climbing Centre and the general climbing community desired
  • Valid Pro-Serve required

Work Locations, Wage, and Hours

  • Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain
  • Off-site kitchen (within Calgary). Your own vehicle is required.
  • Typical hours are Wednesday to Sunday (2pm – 10pm)
  • Wage starts at: $15.00/hour

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Maintain consistent high standards for service, cleanliness, and customer service.
  • Transport raw ingredients to off-site kitchen from CCC Rocky Mountain (once per month)
  • Food handling, preparation and cooking of menu options at off-site kitchen (once per month)
  • Front desk responsibilities (daily)
    • Greeting customers and taking orders
      • Handling retail transactions for other Approach Shop items
    • Warming and preparation of menu items in on-site food prep area
    • Delivery of food items to customer’s table
    • Drink service (beer, wine, and coffee) Pro-Serve required
    • Daily restocking
    • Retail area customer service
    • Assist in front desk duties when all other responsibilities are fulfilled.
  • Frequent communication with Facility Manager and Retail Manager
    • Assist development of the category in Rocky Mountain with consistent open dialogue.
Rocky Mountain
full time wall fabrication / laborers

Magic Lab (a sister company of the CCC) is hiring full time laborers to start immediately! 

Magic Lab has been proudly making climbing walls for over 25 years. Our experience with commercial walls is unprecedented in Western Canada.   

We are looking for skillful and enthusiastic workers for the fabrication and installation function, Main duties include but not limited to, in shop wall panel production, onsite project construction and install. 

Successful applicants must have their own vehicle or means of transportation, their own P.P.E (steel toes, safety glass etc.), current first-aid as well as a valid lift ticket. 

Previous experience and knowledge using tools, operating CNC machines and woodworking is considered an asset but is not required. Other advantages include indoor/outdoor climbing experience. 

Must be fit and capable of lifting up to 50lbs. 

Wage: $17.00 – $22.00  

Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm 

Job Type: Full time  

To Apply: Please email resume to