Calgary Climbing Centres

More than twenty years ago we opened our first facility out of a desire to share an unparalleled experience with both new and veteran climbers. Obsessed with our sport, it was unfair to keep it all to ourselves. Today, the Calgary Climbing Centre exists as a meeting place for climbers of all backgrounds to come together and share in this lifestyle, whether for the first time or for the thousandth.

With several outposts across the City of Calgary, we’ve climbed a long way in the last two decades, but at our core we believe in the importance of welcoming climbers of all levels and ages.

Drop by. Check us out. We dare you not to get the climbing bug yourself!

Our Team


Facility Manager, Hanger

I was 12 years old the first time I went climbing and it was love at first on-sight...despite how embarrassed I was that my dad forced me to wear a helmet at an indoor gym. Somehow I managed to overcome the emotional trauma and started to climb on a more regular basis. Soon after I joined the CCC Youth Competitive Team where I had the opportunity to be coached by amazing, passionate climbers and be inspired by my teammates. Climbing continues to be a cornerstone in my life and the community is second to none.


Maintenance Supervisor, ClimbPark

Immediately after I was introduced to climbing, I was captivated by the skilled movements of those around me. I started out with the CCC as a belayer, and shortly after landed a position as desk staff at The Hanger. Shortly thereafter I was given the opportunity to become an Instructor and ClimbPark Maintenance Supervisor. The CCC has helped me develop my skills on the wall, further my passion for climbing and plunged me into an amazing community of like minded individuals. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work in such a fun atmosphere surrounded by awesome people, where I can help pass on the pure joy that climbing has brought me.


Facility Manager, Chinook

The first time I tried climbing I was terrified; of the height, of falling and mostly of failing. I was climbing in Ontario, where I'm from, at a college gym and was simply trying to prove myself that I could make it to the top. Despite the fear, I found myself coming back again and again. I was hooked. Climbing has truly shaped my life since then - pulling me west to mountains, inspiring me to travel, providing experiences and friends to share them with and even a career. A decade after that first go at climbing, I'm still just trying to get to the top, but now with a lot less fear and a lot more passion for the process!


Director of Facilities, CCC Outdoors Manager

I started climbing in Nova Scotia when I was 23. After exploring the bouldering around the southern shore, I made plans to move out west and pursue larger climbing objectives. Since then, I have gained various guiding certifications and worked hard to make the CCC a welcoming and comfortable place to climb, train and hang out. Working for the CCC has only stoked my passion for climbing and travelling; no matter where I go, I am happy to come home to the Rockies and its limestone crags.


Competitive Youth Team Coach and Route Setter

I've been competing locally and internationally since I was 14. When I was older, I moved to Europe to pursue my athletic goals and competed in the IFSC’s European Cup. Through all of my travels and adventures, the CCC has always been there for me. Now I coach the competitive youth team and am trying to become the best coach that I can be. I want to learn from my athletes and my peers, while still pursuing being an athlete.


Facility Manager, Rocky Mountain

The CCC is the best part of Calgary for me, from the people I work with to the people who come in to climb. As a climber, I started from nowhere and learned a lot fast. I took our beginner lesson, our lead lesson, and then did the Building the Basics course. To continue growing, I completed our mechanics of movement class coached by Jelisa Dunbar. I learned so much from Jelisa.


Facility Manager, Stronghold

Growing up, I’ve always loved hiking and scrambling in the Kananaskis. In 2016 I decided that I wanted to climb higher mountains, and what better way to become a climber than to work with the CCC! Since the day I started, I’ve developed so much as a climber, as a member of the climbing community and as mentor of new climbers. Every day, I’m excited to work with the Calgary Climbing Centre and with every climber that walks through the doors.



The one who keeps an eye on all departments to make sure that the CCC is as good as it can be.  


Director of Operations

I started climbing in 1994, and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve even been lucky enough to make climbing my full-time job for the past 12 years by working at Calgary Climbing Centre. Climbing is good for the brain and good for the body, and there’s simply nothing better in this world than sitting on top of a hard boulder you’ve just completed, under a blue sky, with the sun on your back.


Owner. Product Development

The man with a million ideas. The fact that something has not been done has never stopped Walson from making it happen.