Stronghold Route Competition

Event Date: Feb 25th | 7am

Location(s): Stronghold

It’s that time of year to get on some ropes!  First route competition for CCC is at the Stronghold on February 25th.




This competition is a two-route FLASH format.  That means that competitors get to climb two routes, the higher they go the more points they get. Add them up ( via complicated square root of each ranking equation) and you get a winner. The Flash part means NO ISOLATION.  Competitors get to watch each other climb and come and go as they please. ” What if I’m climbing first?” you ask….. We also have a permanent video playing that shows you how to climb all of the routes.


You can view the schedule below.
Please note it is a tentative schedule. Check back here for updates to this schedule closer to the competition.

If you have questions regarding the competition, check with your coach or contact us at


7:00 AM ALL competitor check-in opens
7:30 AM judges meeting
8:00 AM Check-in closes
8:15 AM technical meeting
8:30 AM preview Climb1
8:40 AM Climb1 starts
11:10 AM Climb1 ends
11:20 AM preview Climb2
11:30 AM Climb2 starts
2:00 PM Climb2 ends
2:30 PM Awards
3:30 PM Gym re-opens to public


Depending on category size, these times may be adjusted.


Route Comp with Knut Route Comp with Liam Route Comp